How We Drop Ad Costs By Up to 30% Just By Increasing Match Rate…
SaaS Startup

This company started out with a 3% conversion rate on their landing page to get trial users of their digital certification software. After building up a full portfolio of assets and market-tested customer avatars, we put this into action with our ads and landing page. We were a bit disappointed that it took us the […]

Canadian Cloud Accounting Firm

One of the biggest things that made a difference for this client was simply choosing a lead magnet that was really attractive.  The client came to us with a lead magnet that cost $25/lead to build the list. By performing market testing on a new lead magnet, we dropped the lead cost to $4.76 (with […]

Local Renovation Company

Before running market testing optimization, the client was running cold Facebook traffic through a Typeform-style quiz. Quizzes have notoriously good conversion rates, but the traffic was expensive. The end result was the visitor gave their email address, and if they felt so inclined could follow up. With the new squeeze page, we developed a far […]

The #1 Problem With Your eBook Lead Magnet Ideas

Coming up with 100 lead magnet ideas is hard, but it's certainly doable: copy successful eBook lead magnets from other marketers in your niche use Reddit "Top All-Time" posts for headlines from a related subreddit search on Google using the "Keywords Anywhere" chrome extension to see which topics have demand ...and whatever other strategies you […]

Thank You Page Template

If 1,000 people visit your site, 90% of them are not going to buy from you. Most of them are just browsing. Marketers spend thousands of dollars trying to segment these visitors into the ones who are ready to buy. And the ones who have already bought from you are the most valuable of them […]

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