What's included in your PPC ad management

A Complete Feature List

When you hire me to work on your campaign, we end up working on each of these 5 areas to make it profitable (for you, and your clients).


Having a grasp on the strategy behind our campaign means that we can actually prevent failure before it happens.

I don’t like launching campaigns that are doomed from the start, so we put time into analyzing your strategy before we start!


We need accountability on the campaign so we know where our leads are coming from.

Conversion tracking allows us to see how many leads and customers we’re getting from our ads.


Who actually sees your ad is one of the most important aspects of your campaign. If you’re a lawyer advertising law services, you probably don’t want your ad shown when someone is searching for “party clown for kids”.

Making sure we target the right person (someone who could become your customer) at the right time (when they’re searching for you) is vital.

4. ADS

How well our ads are written can be the difference between a mediocre campaign and a thriving one.

We constantly test dozens of different ads, all touting the benefits of your company, to see which ones perform the best.

This actually provides decent market research to help you understand what you should put on your website too.


The landing page is where your visitor goes once they click on your ad. Having a good one is VITAL for a profitable campaign.

I can help with auditing your landing pages to help increase the conversion rate from our campaign.

Feature List

I commonly have clients ask for a "feature list" of what we're providing for the management fees we charge.

You get one clear caveat: don't sell based on features. We're here to deliver results for your clients, and the value of what we're doing should always be predicated upon the end goal of leads, sales, etc..

That being said, some clients need more of a "meat and potatoes" languaging, especially when you're writing a formal proposal for them. Here's a general list of the services I provide so you can anchor the fees in your proposal to deliverables/actions.

Strategy Audit

  • Offer audit
  • Landing page audit (with recommendations on how to improve your landing page)
  • Customer LTV VS Conversion Cost
  • Thank You page audit (I can provide a copywriting template if needed)
  • Visual funnel mapping

Monthly Campaign Optimization

  • Split test different ads
  • Manage keywords. Add or delete based on performance
  • Add negative keywords based on search queries
  • Manage bids
  • Optimize keywords, time, location, and other metrics for conversions as conversion data comes in
  • Much more based on judgment while auditing campaign

Regular campaign audits occur monthly.  Deeper quarterly audits are performed as more data comes in.

Account Setup

  • Conversion and call tracking setup
  • Conversion linker
  • Insert relevant scripts, authorize and schedule
  • Goal/event creation in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Conversion testing and code verification
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Analytics
    • Remarketing
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Call Tracking

Campaign Creation

  • Ad creation in multiple formats (different formats for different networks)
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign creation
  • Market research
  • Set bid strategies
  • Setup conversion/call tracking on website (monthly fee not included)
  • Campaign monthly optimization (cut keywords, targeting, ad testing, other optimization techniques)

Call Tracking Analysis

For campaigns with call tracking, we need to analyze the calls and the keywords/ads which drove them. This allows us to make decisions to drive more good calls and less low-quality ones.

Call tracking is usually around $30-50/month raw cost, billed directly to your card. This provides us with:

  • recordings of the calls
  • transcriptions of the calls
  • automatic tagging of calls (can grade calls automatically and rate them as leads or duds)
  • other tagging of calls (we can tag calls based on topic. So if someone says "book an appointment" in a call, we can tag it as an important lead).

For details in pricing variations, see the CallRail pricing page.


  • Simple, custom reporting based on the metrics that actually matter
  • Monthly reports. Can request more frequent reports for an additional fee (the fee depends on the level of analysis requested).
  • No jargon or data dumps
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