How We Drop Ad Costs By Up to 30% Just By Increasing Match Rate…

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Data-Driven Marketing Solutions Used To Get These Results

Identity Resolution
Customer Reactivation
Match Rate Optimization
Organic Takedowns
Most of the visitors to your site won't convert into customers, but many of them could have converted. Unfortunately, you don't get the names and email addresses of every visitor who goes to your site. But you could! We have built our own in-house Identity Graph which is essentially a massive source of data on billions of people. We cross reference each visitor's hash with our identity graph to find out who each person is. We can resolve 40-70% of your visitor's identities, and have over 500 data points to collect on each person (name, email, zip code, Facebook URL, etc.). 
Now that you have resolved customer identities from your traffic – what’s next? Simple: reactivate these visitors into leads using email and SMS. We can help you with advanced flow creation, smart follow-ups and more!
Did you know that Google and Facebook can only match up to 25% of your visitors for retargeting? It may feel like retargeting has simply died since iOS updates, privacy issues and other obstacles are in your way to retarget the rest of your visitors. Our in house technology consisting of 1 trillion of data points has a match rate of 95%, and will push the data back to your ad platforms instantly.
Using super long-tail keywords and multiple domains, we use AI copywriters to generate pages for low-competition keywords in your niche. Every Organic Takedown starts with 10,000 pages of content, and then we scale up. This is not for building generic page authority for your main domain. This is hyper-targeted traffic that we direct to your funnel or landing page. It's like running an SEO campaign as if it's a PPC campaign. 
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