Building Campaigns

Thank You Page Template

If 1,000 people visit your site, 90% of them are not going to buy from you. Most of them are just browsing. Marketers spend thousands of dollars trying to segment these visitors into the ones who are ready to buy. And the ones who have already bought from you are the most valuable of them […]

What do you need to provide BEFORE I can launch a new PPC campaign?

The difficulty with new campaigns is the sheer amount of information that we both have to deal with. Delay of information = delay of campaign. For example, it's going to be pretty hard for me to set up conversion tracking on your site if I don't have access to the site 😂. The following is […]

Request Google Tag Manager Setup

Most web agencies just do a basic setup of Google Analytics and leave it at that. But you're missing out on so much potential data (and analysis) to really quantify the value of what you're doing for your clients. At the very least you should be setting up Analytics goals to track visitor activity. Take […]

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

The problem with most marketing is that you don't know your return on investment (ROI). By calculating your customer lifetime value (LTV), you'll be able to start predicting ROI on your marketing spend. The following calculator will help you find out the average LTV for your customer segments. For each field, just use an average […]

Submit Invoicing Information

Rather than sending your invoicing information over email or a facebook message, simply input your details into this SSL protected form. This form expedites the process so I can get your contact information into Freshbooks efficiently.

PPC New Campaign – Intake Form

Have a new PPC campaign? Fill out this form to get me all the information I'll need to effectively run your campaign. If you aren't certain about something, I'll be able to reach out to you later to help you formulate a useful answer that will help us run a profitable campaign.

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