PPC New Campaign – Intake Form

The quickest way to get a campaign started

Have a new PPC campaign? Fill out this form to get me all the information I'll need to effectively run your campaign.

If you aren't certain about something, I'll be able to reach out to you later to help you formulate a useful answer that will help us run a profitable campaign.

We'll send a copy of this form to you once it's complete for your records.
What is the URL for the "thank you" page a visitor sees after filling out your form? Put N/A if you aren't using a form.
Put additional landing page URLs at the bottom of this form under "Additional notes"
Use this landing page grading checklist ❐ to give your landing page a score out of 10 - perfect for if you're not sure if you have a good landing page.
If there is, then there is valuable data within that account and we should have access to it. If you don't know, now is the time to contact the appropriate parties to find out! That may be the previous agency or web company.
Is this a monthly campaign, or is there a set start/end date?
Keep in mind we'll need to time to set up your campaign. This should be at least 2 weeks from today.
Not sure? Consult with your client to find out. You can use my Customer Lifetime Value Calculator ❐ to calculate the lifetime value of customers.

This metric is particularly useful for our campaign. If we get 10 customers for a client for an ad spend of $2,000, and each customer is worth $3,000, we can say "We spent $2,000 to get $30,000 worth of business".

This framing turns out advertising into an asset, not an expense. It means we'll keep our clients for much longer.
5-20 keywords related to product or service - and WHICH keywords/services are most profitable?
Be as specific as you can! If the business only services 2 cities, don't write "UNITED STATES".
What's the most wanted response? What single action do we want the visitor to take? What do they get if they take that action?
It's better to pick competitors who are at the top of their game. Feel free to leave some notes about each URL if you have any relevant thoughts on them. 2-3 URLs recommended.
We may send reports to you, or elsewhere depending on who the campaign is for. This is where you can tell us where to email the reports. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
When we're creating Google Adwords, Facebook, Tag Manager, or other accounts, you may want to be able to access these accounts. Provide a Google account that we can associate these with. If left blank, will use the above email
Check off any option that you'd like to track for our campaign. This will become very relevant when we're setting up Google Analytics link tracking and Google Ads conversion tracking.
[email protected] needs access to the following accounts. Check each box to verify that you've given access to each relevant account. By doing this now (instead of in long, drawn-out email threads), you greatly speed up the campaign setup process. If any of these accounts don't exist, then don't worry about them - only worry about accounts that already exist (ie. if you don't have a CallRail account for this client then there's no account to give me access to).
We try to keep reports limited to data you can actually do something with, rather than reports with endless pages of nebulous data. That being said, you might have a few metrics in mind. Are there any particular metrics you’d like to receive in your reports? Very common metrics include leads, phone calls, or sales.
Address + phone for your location. If you have multiple locations, provide the address + phone number for each location:
Include a few short testimonials from your clients for use on the landing page if you don't already have any on there.
The PPC platform bills the client directly for the ads. That way our management fees are not blended in with your ad spend. They're distinctly separate.

Billing information is required to run the ads. Please use our secure, encrypted form to enter the client's Credit Card information and other billing information for our ad spend.

I can't start the ads without the client's credit card to associate with the ad account.

Credit Card Update Form ❐.

Please use this form to request setup of Google Tag Manager and Analytics ❐ on your site. This is a service I provide as part of your campaign setup. Lots of details on that page explaining what I'm doing for you in regards to GTM and Analytics.
Anything that doesn't fit in the above fields should go in here.
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