What do you need to provide BEFORE I can launch a new PPC campaign?

A comprehensive list

The difficulty with new campaigns is the sheer amount of information that we both have to deal with. Delay of information = delay of campaign.

For example, it's going to be pretty hard for me to set up conversion tracking on your site if I don't have access to the site 😂.

The following is a list of all the stuff I need from you before I can properly get started on my work.

Once you’ve delivered all of these items, please allow 2 weeks for me to create your campaign (rush jobs available for an additional fee). Keep in mind that we may have a queue of new campaigns to start, and we only launch 1 campaign per week to ensure quality launches.

Campaign Start Checklist

Access – for all accounts, add [email protected]:

  • Google Tag Manager
    • installed on the website, landing page, and thank-you page. This includes any landing page builders you may be using.
    • If there's no current Google Tag Manager, I can install on your WordPress site. For non-wordpress sites, I will send GTM install code with instructions. This needs to be implemented by whoever the web developer is immediately in order to keep things rolling on schedule.
    • If there are multiple Google Tag Manager installations on the site, they need to be removed. Failing to do this may slow down the launch of your campaign.
  • Google Analytics
    • If Google Analytics is not injected into the site using Google Tag Manager, please remove the Google Analytics code from the website.
    • We will inject it into the site using Google Tag Manager - meaning that there will be 2 copies of the code if you fail to remove it from the site.
    • Please also ensure that there are no extra Google Analytics codes on the site. We sometimes run into sites where each developer keeps putting on their own version of Google Analytics, and then we have 2, 3, even 4 different Google Analytics codes running! This needs to be taken care of before we can start building your campaign.
  • Website Access (for WordPress Sites) - create new user. For non-Wordpress sites, please provide the email for your developer in case code needs to be installed.
  • Landing/Thank You Page Access – in case you’re using a landing page builder such as LeadPages or Instapage, provide login
  • Facebook Account - you'll want to use the Facebook Business Manager to do most of this. There are multiple ways to give me access to everything, but I've found that making me a "partner" seems to be the least hassle.
    • Go to business.facebook.com. Go into "Business Settings", which is where you'll do all permission assigning. Notice the left-hand column that has People, Partners, Ad Accounts, etc.
    • Step 1: ADD me as a partner – click partners, and then click Add+ to add me to the account. You'll want to put in my business ID: 301347420280875. Assign me to whatever you like and then save.
    • Step 2: ASSIGN ad account – click ad account, and then click your add account in there. You'll want to "assign partner", and put in my business ID again.
      • Optional: if there is no ad account, I can create an ad account and share admin privileges with you instead.
    • Step 3: ASSIGN FB Page Access – I'll also need access to the FB page of the business we're advertising for. You need to start by getting access to the page yourself, and then give me access to that page by assigning the page to me.
    • ADD the client's credit card to the FB ad account. If you'd prefer to stay out of it, you can also get the client's credit card information and submit it to me here. I will add it into the account.
    • Please make sure you give me "Finance Analyst" and "Finance Editor" permissions when you add me to the account (click links for a screenshot of this). If for any reason the payment method is declined (a huge problem), I won't be able to receive notifications about it. This is not an uncommon occurrence.
    • Keep in mind a delay in the billing information WILL delay the campaign start date - there are parts of the Facebook ad interface that don't function properly without a billing method in the account.
  • Google Ads Account – provide account ID and I will request access
  • CallRail account – if we're driving calls on your campaign, then you'll need a call tracking account. I recommend using your client's credit card for this and putting this fee in your proposal.
    • You'll need their package that allows "Dynamic number insertion", which is how we integrate our call tracking with Google/Facebook ads. At the time of me writing this, it's the "Essentials" package at a cost of $45/month. It's an unfortunate fee, but it's entirely necessary.
    • Once you have an account, go into your account settings and then "Users". Add [email protected] as a user - I already have a CallRail account for this, so you won't need to assign me a password.
    • If you have 3+ clients, it may be prudent to get their "Agency" package which includes quite a few free numbers, and then bill your client's an extra fee for their portion of the subscription.



  • Landing Page URL (I'll provide revision suggestions if needed)
  • Thank You Page (I'll provide revision suggestions if needed - see link for some template copy for your page)
  • Privacy Page URL (both Google and Facebook require privacy policies on the website we're advertising for).
  • All revisions were done to pages (Landing Page, Thank You Page)


  • Video assets (if you want to promote video). If providing video that is meant to go in an ad, please provide a subtitle file (.srt file). If you don't have this, you can get subtitles generated by Rev.com for a very reasonable fee
  • Copywriting – any headlines, text, or other copy that we should use for your campaign. Please be aware that we will customize this copy or rewrite it for the platforms (FB ads are very different than LinkedIn ads).
  • Images – a Google Drive folder with all your best assets will absolutely help us.


  • Customer LTV (still needed, but we can technically start the campaign without it)
  • Images/Video (optional, if you have any specific ideas)
  • Ad ideas (if you have any specific ideas)
  • Ad review (for those who like to review, completely not necessary if you trust us, often ad copy can come from the website)

This graphic describes the flow of a new campaign:

Click image to enlarge

This is basically the same information above, just as a flow chart (for those of you who are visually inclined).

On the far right, you can see "Campaign Creation" - this is where I come in and do my work. That portion of the work takes around 2 business weeks depending on your campaign size.

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