Request Google Tag Manager Setup

Need Google Tag Manager or Analytics setup on your site? This form automatically imports your information into my project management software for quick delivery!

Most web agencies just do a basic setup of Google Analytics and leave it at that. But you're missing out on so much potential data (and analysis) to really quantify the value of what you're doing for your clients. At the very least you should be setting up Analytics goals to track visitor activity.

Quick video walkthrough of this service.

Take a load of your dev team (or yourself!). I have a refined system to setup:

  • Google Tag Manager – basic setup
  • Google Analytics – basic setup
  • Link click tracking – create events in Google Analytics for when people click PDF downloads, social media links, form submissions, etc.
  • Google Analytics goals – such as visitors spending a certain amount of time on the site, visiting a certain amount of pages, or completing goals we like such as filling out a form. (these goals can be integrated into remarketing or PPC conversion tracking).
  • HotJar setup – for recording your visitor's screens to improve the user experience.
  • Conversion tracking – for PPC campaigns

Fill out the form and consider it done. Current rates for this task are $200 USD (if you're running a PPC campaign with me, there's no extra cost).

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If you're an agency, put down the business that we're doing this for.
Unique email required for this - each account needs its' own email to use the free version of HotJar.
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