Local Renovation Company

From $37.42/lead to 74 cents/lead. From $0.67 CPC to 6 cents

Before running market testing optimization, the client was running cold Facebook traffic through a Typeform-style quiz. Quizzes have notoriously good conversion rates, but the traffic was expensive. The end result was the visitor gave their email address, and if they felt so inclined could follow up.

With the new squeeze page, we developed a far more attractive lead magnet. Our new ads drove traffic for $0.06 CPC (over 10x reduction), and the landing page converts at over 13.5% (after 32 variations).

The quality of the leads is about 25% lower (because the leads are now only filling out a single form, rather than a Typeform quiz), but with such a staggering cost reduction (5,056% decrease in lead cost), the lead quality gap is easily exceeded with the sheer volume of leads.

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