How much notice do you need to start a campaign?

Campaign launches are the most stressful part of working with a new client. From ad disapprovals to filling in gaps missed during the strategy phase - if something can go wrong, it will (murphy's law). We work very hard to make sure every launch goes smoothly with the least amount of friction or stress. In […]

What's included in your campaign management?

Sometimes it's not clear what's included in the scope of our campaign. First, start by looking at the article What's Included In Your PPC Campaign Management. The sales funnel graphic that we create together when planning your campaign will give you a good idea of what's included in your campaign. Keep in mind the following […]

How long does it take to get my new campaign started?

This really depends on the scope of the campaign, but most campaigns take 2-4 weeks to get started. There are parts of new campaigns where we'll require your input or work: getting access to different software (Analytics, Tag Manager, Website Logins, etc.), landing pages prepared, email campaigns prepared, etc. – in 98% of cases, it's […]

Do I need to install Google Analytics?

If we’ve (or you) have installed Google Tag Manager (GTM) on the site, then you don’t need to insert Google Analytics onto the site itself. We’ll inject Google Analytics using GTM, and putting a tag on yourself will actually cause us to have duplicate tags on the site. If analytics is already on the site, […]

When do your management fees start?

Management fees start as soon as we start working on the account (in fact, we'll need payment in order to get started working). This includes the planning phase of the project (though we realize there may be some initial scoping done to even quote the project). There is a flat setup fee for each campaign. […]

Who should send reports to the client?

Every agency has a different style here. Most commonly we will send you a report that you repackage and send to the client. Many agencies to edit reports as they see fit. Some clients prefer us to use an email directly from their domain ( to the client. We can accommodate that as well […]

When do we do reporting?

Between the 5th-10th of the month. This allows us to get the data from the previous month for all of our clients together and deliver them to you in a consistent schedule.

How does call tracking work?

We use CallRail, which dynamically swaps phone numbers on your website so that only visitors who come through our ads see our tracking numbers.  This means that you shouldn’t do anything to the numbers on the website - just leave the business’s phone number on the website, and we’ll set up the script using Google […]

How do I know that a "conversion" came from our PPC ads, rather than just from our organic search?

All PPC platforms use cookies to track users who perform conversions, so they’ll only count a “conversion” if a visitor comes through an ad (not if they come through other means).  What types of actions can we track from PPC campaigns? Almost anything, but some things are tracked more easily than others. For example: tracking […]

When do landing pages need to be completed by to launch our campaign on time?

I’ll need a completed, fully-revised landing page at least 2 weeks before the campaign starts. Keep in mind that revisions or changes to the landing page count here - so if you make changes to the landing page, this could set back our start date depending on the nature of the changes.

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