How much notice do you need to start a campaign?

Campaign launches are the most stressful part of working with a new client.

From ad disapprovals to filling in gaps missed during the strategy phase - if something can go wrong, it will (murphy's law).

We work very hard to make sure every launch goes smoothly with the least amount of friction or stress. In fact, while working together you may not get the chance to experience the stress of a typical launch!

There are two rules we need to follow to keep things smooth:

1. We need 2 weeks to launch your campaign. This means the strategy and sales funnel has been finished, the landing page is built, and THEN the two weeks starts.

2. We only launch 1 campaign per week. This is very important for scheduling because your planned launch date may coincide with another campaign we're launching.

When planning out a campaign, it's vital that you check in to make sure we have availability for your planned launch date. It's possible the campaign may need to be launched 1-2 weeks after you initial intend, and setting client expectations about that queue is vital.

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