Launching Campaigns

Campaign launches are the most stressful part of working with a new client.

From ad disapprovals to filling in gaps missed during the strategy phase - if something can go wrong, it will (murphy's law).

We work very hard to make sure every launch goes smoothly with the least amount of friction or stress. In fact, while working together you may not get the chance to experience the stress of a typical launch!

There are two rules we need to follow to keep things smooth:

1. We need 2 weeks to launch your campaign. This means the strategy and sales funnel has been finished, the landing page is built, and THEN the two weeks starts.

2. We only launch 1 campaign per week. This is very important for scheduling because your planned launch date may coincide with another campaign we're launching.

When planning out a campaign, it's vital that you check in to make sure we have availability for your planned launch date. It's possible the campaign may need to be launched 1-2 weeks after you initial intend, and setting client expectations about that queue is vital.

This really depends on the scope of the campaign, but most campaigns take 2-4 weeks to get started.

There are parts of new campaigns where we'll require your input or work: getting access to different software (Analytics, Tag Manager, Website Logins, etc.), landing pages prepared, email campaigns prepared, etc. – in 98% of cases, it's providing these resources to us that slows down the start of a campaign.

Please see What do you need to provide BEFORE I can launch a new PPC campaign? for more information on what you'll need to provide. Beyond that, we'll create a timeline for the launch of our campaign with clearer expectations for you.

If we’ve (or you) have installed Google Tag Manager (GTM) on the site, then you don’t need to insert Google Analytics onto the site itself. We’ll inject Google Analytics using GTM, and putting a tag on yourself will actually cause us to have duplicate tags on the site.

If analytics is already on the site, please remove it so we can install it using Google Tag Manager (if you've already installed it using GTM then you can leave it on).

I’ll need a completed, fully-revised landing page at least 2 weeks before the campaign starts.

Keep in mind that revisions or changes to the landing page count here - so if you make changes to the landing page, this could set back our start date depending on the nature of the changes.

Other than our strategy call, I’ll mostly need access. Access to the website, Google Tag Manager, Analytics, etc.

The other important piece of information is the customer lifetime value (click to use our Customer LTV calculator). By knowing this, we’re able to know whether our ads are actually profitable.

The other bottleneck for campaigns is typically the landing page. 

For more details on what you need to provide, see this article: What do you need to provide BEFORE I can launch a new PPC campaign?

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