Renovation Company

"We got 440 emails and phone calls worth 250k including an $80,721 renovation job!"

This renovation client (I've withheld the name for privacy reasons) wanted to run a local Google Ad campaign for their renovation and painting business.

Using call tracking and form submissions, we were able to track all the revenue that our leads provided over 18 months.

Ad spend: $10.7k – over 20x return on ad spend.
Lead cost: $44.77
Average Lifetime Value Of Customer: $40,000

We calculated their lifetime value of these customers over 10 years (this is average for them) to be $40k. $44.77, in that case, was an extremely great price to pay for leads.

I built the entire campaign from start to finish, white label, for the agency they hired. The clients are so happy that they've hired the agency to do a $30k web build and we're launching a completely revamped campaign

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